Future Champaign Urbana 2600 Meetings

Call for Presentations

We like to have two short talks at each meeting, to make sure there is something for attendees to learn & discuss. Attendees select talks for the next meeting (or sometimes future meetings) at the previous meeting. To sign up to give a talk, or request one from someone knowledgeable on the topic, show up at a meeting. Or, contact the folks who maintain this site, since we are the ones who find speakers if nobody volunteers.

If you would like to hear on a topic, have any questions/comments, or want to to sign up for a presentation you can also do so here. All submissions are anonymous. For presentations, please submit 2 weeks in advance of meeting to allow a venue to be scheduled.

Here are some topics suggested by people in the community, but not scheduled yet. If there is no speaker listed, someone thought this topic would be interesting, but didn't commit to giving the talk themselves. These would be great choices if you want to speak but don't have an idea for what to talk about.

IanInformation UI Publishes about Students
BigEzyHitech 2 Hacking Kit
???Managing Your Social Media Profiles
???Security Concerns of Women’s Shelters
???How to Report Security Problems Without Getting in Trouble